Starwalker Bird was added in Beta 30.0. Previous Versions can be found here.

Starwalker Bird is a Common monster that, since Beta 47.0, has a Magic effect that only works if your deck lacks any Rare and Epic cards. Luckily, since Beta 53.0, Generated cards (those that didn't start in your deck, shown with a Gear Icon) don't count. So its effect will still work even if you have a Generated Rare in your deck.

On its own, it is a decent 5/5 for 6G. But through this restriction, since Beta 49.0, it lets you draw 3 cards.

This restriction is exactly like that of Starwalker (Ranger Rudinn before Beta 53.0), making them work very well together.

Card Skins

Flying Starwalker Bird

  • Flying Starwalker Bird (by Oranjican)
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