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Second card revealed for Beta 30.0 here. Previous Versions can be found here.


Vs. Susie

0:23 - 0:29

Since Beta 51.1, Susie effectively uses Soothing on all monsters on the board (though with 1 more HP), setting their ATK and HP to 3, with the exception of herself and, since Beta 55.1, all enemy monsters not directly in front of her when played.

With 7 HP, this makes her survive even 2 attacks from the monster in front of her if no other cards are accounted for. Due to her Taunt, using Solidity will boost her to a 4/8 for 8G, able to kill Mad Dummy on her own.

Even if she gets killed earlier, she should already have completed her main purpose, this being weaken enemy monsters and strengthen yours.

Card Skins

Leader Susie

  • Leader Susie (by Moonlightring)

    Fight Me

  • Fight Me (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)

    Defensive Susie

  • Defensive Susie (by Asrite)

    Bad Girl

  • Bad Girl (by Jake Horror)

    Chilling Susie

  • Chilling Susie (by BlueKitty)

    Menacing Susie

  • Menacing Susie (by Asrite)

    Summer Bad Girl

  • Summer Bad Girl (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Only available through Pass Quests.


  • Unlike the other Heroes, Susie didn't receive a Skin and Avatar upon release.
  • Her 2nd Skin, Fight Me, is Jacky Bunny's 1st, making it:
    • The first to be made by an unofficial Artist.
    • The first to also be made into a Profile Skin.
  • Fight Me's file was originally 10x as big as any Skin before it.
  • Susie is the first Legendary to have Taunt by default after a rework (and the 3rd to have Taunt by default overall).