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Temmie 2 (Beta 31.0)

Temmie is a useful yet cheap card that is best deployed early in game, however can be useful later when you need to use a card immediately after it is placed.


It is good in a Bravery Deck due to it's low cost and ability to give another Temmie when it dies. You can also get Temmie with Assault in that, so that's another plus.

Igloo and Lamp can also get Temmie, which can be helpful. Igloo's Temmie can also attack right away. This makes a good combo with Nice Cream Guy and Loren + Papyrus Statue.

Temmie 2 also costs 2G, but has +1 HP and only has Haste. And like most other cards, a shiny Temmie will give a shiny Temmie 2.

Temmie can get +2/+1 from a Temmie Statue, which can help out if your dealing damage to the enemy player. Also if an Allergic Temmie is on the board and this is summoned, the Allergic Temmie does 1 damage to all its enemy monsters.

Card Skins

Card Skin (Temmie)


  • Hoi!! (by Darky)


  • Temmie is one of the two first Rare cards to gain a Card Skin (the other being Coffin).