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Previous Versions can be found here. Previous Versions of Temmie 2 can be found here. Temmie is a useful yet cheap card that is best deployed early in game, however can be useful later when you need to use a card immediately after it is placed.


Being a Tem, Temmie works great in Tem related deck, as both it and Temmie 2 gain buffs from Temmie Statue and can trigger Allergic Temmie. If Temmie Statue is on your board, you can follow it with an Allergic Temmie and then Temmie. Both will gain +1/+1, and Temmie will cause Allergic Temmie to deal 1 DMG to all enemy monsters and itself (so keeping its HP the same due to Temmie Statue). However, as of Beta 55.0, you need to wait until next turn to do the same with Temmie 2.


Due to the lack of high ATK, Armor monsters are the best counter to them. Especially ones that are also Taunts like Receptionist 2 and possibly Sword Emblem.

Card Skins


  • Hoi!! (by Darky)

    Tail Wags (GIF)

  • Tail Wags (GIF by Asrite)

    Tem Proud Parent

  • Tem Proud Parent (by BlueKitty)

    Watching you

  • Watching you (by BlueKitty)

    Tem is Ready (GIF)

  • Tem is Ready (GIF by Shionbluu)


  • Temmie is one of the two first Rare cards to gain a Card Skin (the other being Coffin).