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Tiny Froggit is tied with many monsters for being the weakest card in the game in terms of stats with a mere 1/1. Tiny Froggit does hold a special place in the game by being the only craftable monster with a cost of 0G.

It was the first of 9 cards to be teased in the Undercards Twitter for Beta 13.4 and one of the 15 added cards in that same version.

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Tiny Froggit is an extremely weak card, being a very meak 1 ATK and 1 HP in raw stats.

Likewise, it pairs with Green Flower with weak and effectless raw stats, although between all other similar cards, Tiny Froggit is the strongest in raw stats, considering that, even if effectless, it costs nothing to play.


Tiny Froggit is a positive start for Aggro or Zoo decks. Although very weak and easily counterable by cards like Big Mouth or Heats Flamesman, all Tiny Froggits in a deck can be buffed up to 3 times by Final Froggit to become easy 3-cost 4/4, which is a cost-wise upside. Its only counter is to be silenced, which can be avoided if you buff a full board and easily overwhelm your opponent.

Aggro decks also may profit from it as it costs 0G and can be played up to thrice at the start of a game if your starting hand is lucky, quickly obtaining board control.

As Tiny Froggit is weak, cards like Soothing will buff it, and effects like those from Toriel will not affect it. It can also be buffed with less of a loss, since its cost and any other buff will always result in a 1 gold advantage. Buffing it while a Taunt or a stronger monster protects it is also a better, considerable strategy.

Card Skins

Mini Frog

  • Mini Frog (by Moonlightring)

    Hippity Hoppity

  • Hippity Hoppity (by Jake Horror)


  • Lovable (by Jake Horror)
    • Originally available through Vaporwave Bundle.