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For her Boss Battle, see Toriel: Boss.

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Undertale OST - Heartache Extended

0:28 - 0:34

When placed on the board, Toriel will set the ATK of an enemy monster of your choice to 1. This in result increases the ATK of those with 0, but if this happens, Toriel does not lose HP. Afterwards, she will gain HP equal to the amount of ATK that was reduced from the target.


The biggest problem that Toriel now gives is that if the enemy uses Heal or Asriel, their monster will be removed of its ATK drops (but not give it back its potential buffed ATK). However, it might still be worth it if you can get a high amount of HP from it. But another problem is that if Toriel gets silenced, her HP will drop back to a mere 2.


Toriel is best used in a stall or control deck to subdue strong enemies for a decent price. Not recommended in tandem with the Memorial Statue as this will just cancel out her effect. Toriel is also useful in the Kindness deck as setting up a Taunt card with low ATK like Ice or MTT Fountain combined with a Diamond Boy 1 will make the targeted monster unable to deal any DMG while the rest deal 1 less DMG each. And you can apply Longevity when it gets low on health.

Card Skins

Goat Mama

  • Goat Mama (by Moonlightring)

    Final Warning

  • Final Warning (by Darky)

    Hawaii Dancer

  • Hawaii Dancer (by Martb.y)

    Reading Toriel

  • Reading Toriel (by Asrite)

    Young Toriel

  • Young Toriel (by Jacky Bunny - Fan Artist)
    • Originally available through the UCP Shop.

      Sun Goddess Toriel

  • Sun Goddess Toriel (by Kazma)