Hey guys. I need your help.

I'm trying to adopt this Wiki, becoming its Admin, which allows me to expand my work. The biggest example of this would be the ability to rename/remove images. Some are very hard to find due to their awkward wording, while others are not used at all. This is usually the case when an image was reuploaded with a higher quality and fixed mistakes. It can also happen due to multiple people posting the same image without noticing the other did it.

When it comes to images from the Forum, I would only rename them, as they are still ideas. This is mostly to not mistake real ones from the ones from there. A big example of this would be with our 3-headed monster Clover , whose image was automatically renamed to Clover-0.png , as Clover.png was already used for a fan card of Undertale Yellow's protagonist.

Would you like me, known better as FlowerTheFlowey, to achieve this goal? Vote below.

Poll has been closed. Mission accomplished. Thanks for your help everyone!