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Vulkin has the ability to deal 2 damage to anyone when placed. This includes enemies, allies and even the healthbar of both players. This makes vulkin the all-class version of Justice's Punishment (but with 2 damage instead of 3).

What makes this good is that it bypasses the taunt ability allowing you to injure or kill any monster as well as directly attack the healthbar of the opponent.

You can also damage your own monsters, useful for whenever you want to get rid of an unwanted card, or one with a very useful Dust effect, like that of Mettaton NEO.

Especially useful in Justice.

Card Skins

Happy Vulkin

  • Happy Vulkin (by Moonlightring)

    Hot Sugar

  • Hot Sugar (by Jake Horror)


As of Beta 14.0, Vulkin has the same stats and cost as its Cloud, being 2/4 for 4G.